You will find below the demo videos of djembé BaraGnouma in order to get an overview of sound and quality.

Djembe in linke wood, 35 cm diameter mounted with goat skin :

Harouna Dembélé - Djembé kan

Djembe in diala, 34 cm diameter mounted with goatskin.

Dabou Dembélé - Djembé kan

Djembe in linke , 33 cm mounted with calfskin:

Mougnini Dembélé - Djansa

Djembe in balafon wood (gwénè) 32 cm mounted in calfskin:

Mougnini Dembélé - Maracadon (or take)

Djembe in diala , 44 cm mounted in goatskin:

Dabou Dembélé - Sandia (or djelidon)

Djembe in linké , 35 cm mounted with goatskin:

Mougnini Dembélé - Kurubi (or diouladon)