Manufacture and online sale of traditional African music instruments - BaraGnouma or the "job well done"

Sale online of djembe, dunun, bara, tamani, kryin, balafon, kora, kamele, djeli, dozo n'goni, fula flute, yabara, gita, bell and lot of accessories.


Always in quest of excellence, in constant search for perfection !


The drums

The dununsThe djembesThe baras dununs

TamaniThe Krins

Dununs, djembes, bara dununs, tamanis and krins.

All of the drums we offer for sale are produced exclusively to our own designs, and finished by our craftsmen.

We use different species of wood to produce a variety of shapes and styles we invite you to discover here.

The balafons

The pentatonic balafonsThe diatonic balafonsThe chromatics balafons

Pentatonic, diatonic and chromatic balafons.

Our pentatonic balafons are available in 12, 16 and 20 key models.

Our diatonic balafons are Guinean in style with 22 keys.

Chromatic are composed of two balafons that complement each other to form a 37 keys instrument (3 complete octaves).

The string instruments

The korasThe kamele n'gonisThe donso n'goni

The djeli n'gonisThe thianhous

 Koras, kamele ngonis , djeli n'gonis, donso n'gonis and thianhous

In this category we have five types of instrument; kamele n'goni in 8, 10, 12, 14, 20 and 24 string models, donso n'goni in 6 strings, koras, djeli n'goni and thianhous.

You have a choice of our standard 'classic' models, or you can commission an instrument to your own specifications.

The flutes

The fula flutes
Fula flutes

In this category you will find fula (peul) flutes in a variety of keys conforming to western standard tuning.

The accessories

The suit cases     The skins     The balafon and dunun sticks 

The stools   The calabashes

In this category you'll will find our accessories ;

suit cases, Stool for balafon, sticks for balafon and dunun, as well as goat, cow and calf skins for mounting both djembe and dununs.