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Frequently asked questions :


Can I order a personalised djembe? 

Yes, if you can't find the djembe you are looking for on our site, please contact us with your preferred dimensions and choice of wood. We will try our hardest to please, and ask for your patience regarding production and shipping so we can get it right.

Can I order a personalised kamele n'goni?

On our site you will find as standard right handed kamele n'gonis (the thinnest string on the top right).
A choice is offered between the 'classic' model and a model with the addition of ebony fixtures. 
You can however, order a 'left handed' ngoni on request, as well as choose the colour of the machine heads (chrome or black) or state your preferences for the size of calabash and the colour of the calabash (naturally light or dark).
For the N'goni with more than 12 strings, we opted for a handle similar to koras, more resistant to pressure.
There is also the option of an electro-acoustic model with a fitted pick up and integrated pre-amp.
Finally we offer a model with 'semitone' machine heads. If ordering a personalised kamele n'goni speed of delivery will reflect the manufacturing time.

Can I order a personalised Kora ?  

We offer severals models of kora. 
In addition you may choose the size of calabash and choose between chrome or black machine heads. 

Can I order a personalised balafon ?  

You can choose the number of keys, as well as the note of the first key.

Delivery :

How, where and by whom are BaraGnouma instruments made ? 

All BaraGnouma instruments are produced and finshed entirely by hand in our workshop in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso). 
Our artisans are mostly from griot familes and have mastered the manufacture and for the most part the playing of their instruments too.

How long between my order on our online store and the deposit of the parcel at the carrier ?

In general, for orders placed in the morning, sending is done the next day or the day after for orders placed in the afternoon.
That said, in a concern for quality, know that:
- we do not stretch the djembes until the payment has been made.It may be that the skin tears but you will be notified by message.
- our balafon rods are only made to order to avoid the degradation of rubber due to dust and heat.
- we do not always have the necessary number of skins shaved according to the number ordered.

In these cases, an additional delay is to be expected.

Where do the BaraGnouma pieces ship from ? 

All our instruments are shipped directly from Burkina Faso. 

What is the method of postage ? 

We offer two carriers, Sonapost.

What is the delivery time ?

Once an order is confirmed, with Sonapost, the delivery times takes about 15 days for France.
For the rest of Europe expect an extra week.
For shipping to countries outside of Europe it is more difficult to predict postage time, however we have successfuly shipped instruments to happy customers all over the globe.

What are the shipping costs ?

Cost varies according to the weight and destination.
You can calculate shipping costs to your country by completing the online form found in the cart. The cart will automatically adjust the postage if you are placing a bulk order (eg a djembe for France = € 50 postage, two djembes for France = € 85 postage). 

The weight limit for parcels is 30 kilogrammes, whilst the "bundling" of products is also limited.

Djembes may be sent in pairs, whilst a large balafon is always sent alone except for perhaps accessories such as beaters or skins.
Fragile instruments such as kamele n'goni and koras are always sent individually for safety reasons. 

How are the instruments packaged ?

All instruments are shipped in robust custom made boxes. 
For environmental concerns we construct our cartons from three layers of reclaimed cardboard we buy in the market of Bobo-Dioulasso. 
The cardboard used is subject to a rigorous selection process to ensure optimum strength during transport. 

What should I do when my parcel arrives ?

It is very important to open the parcel in the presence of the delivery person in order to check the condition of the contents.
In case of deterioration do not accept the package and sign the delivery note with the mention "refused" as well as the cause of the refusal.
Thus the parcel will be returned to us, and your order will be redirected as soon as possible.

What guarantees does BaraGnouma offer ? 

A receipt is issued for each parcel by the postal service.
A copy of this document can be sent on request. 
The strength of the package is a concern to which we attach great importance.

Is it possible to track the package ? 

All packages have a number.
For parcels sent with Sonapost : http://webtracking.sonapost.bf/webtracking/



Can I pay with credit card ?

Yes, we accept payment by credit card, visa, mastercard. This payment is managed by Paypal.


Can I pay by bank transfer ?

We accept payments by bank transfer only for customers in France ... Transfers from other countries are often too expensive.


Can I pay by cheque ?

Given our geographical location (Burkina Faso) cashing of cheques can take up to two months. Therefore we have rejected this method of payment.   


Can I pay by Paypal ?



In what currency are products sold ?

Our products are sold in Euros.

Taxes and import fees

Are there any import taxes ?

Depending on the country of destination of the packages, customs duties may be requested from the importer.

These taxes are not systematic and are unequal according to the legislation in force in each country.
For each instrument sent, in addition to an export certificate, we provide a certificate of origin which makes it possible to be exempted from these taxes for the signatory countries of partnership.
Check with the competent authorities to see if your country is part of it and if you will have to pay a possible tax.

These taxes are the responsibility of the customer.
If the consignee refuses to pay the taxes the parcel will be returned to the sender. In this case we will refund the amount of the order excluding shipping costs (outward and return).

The refund will be made once the parcel is returned.

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