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New product

Set of three dununs in balafon wood

500,00 €tax incl.

Dum dum set in balafon wood :

Like our djembes, the woods used for dununs are dry for several years.
They are also carved in several stages, first drilling and roughing, then several months later finishing.

Comes with 3 sticks.
Consult the data sheet for more information.

Demo video of dununs BaraGnouma :

WoodBalafon wood (gueni, guenou, goni, or Pterocarpus Erinaceus)
SkinCow skin
Dumumba ; diameter, lenght, weight40 cm / 66 cm / 13,1 kg
Sangban ; diameter, lenght and weight28 cm / 48 cm / 6,8 kg
Kenkeni ; diameter, lenght and weight23 cm / 45 cm / 6 kg


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