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Balafon "Bobo" style 20 keys without rope

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Balafon pentatonic style "Bobo" 20 keys:

This balafon is the first of this style to be designed without apparent rope.

This offers the advantage:
- to reduce the wear of the ropes,
- that they are always positioned in the right place,
- easier cleaning of the keys.

Like all our instruments this balafon has been made with the greatest care.

The keys come from a dry wood of several years and long baked.
The calabashes are treated naturally to be perfectly hollowed out.
The frame is made of iroko wood, so as not to weigh unnecessarily the balafon while keeping red wood.

All specifications are in the data sheet.
Supplied with a pair of sticks.

WoodBalafon wood (gueni, guenou, goni, or Pterocarpus Erinaceus)
SkinCow skin
TuningPentatonic F major : F, G, A, C, D
Lenght of the frame116 cm
Total length of instrument125 cm
Longest key59 cm
Shortest key32 cm
Weight10,6 kg


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