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Diatonic balafon bass 22 keys

Balafon diatonic bass 22 keys.

The balafon keys are mounted on a frame of balafon "bobo" style but are well tuned in diatonic.
Bass diatonic balafons have 4 more keys in the bass than the Diatonic of Guinean style.

Mounting on this frame style is justified by the need to insert larger gourds to the bass level.

This instrument has been designed with great care. It will provide a powerful and harmonious sound and an impeccable aesthetic.

Video of similar balafon :

WoodBalafon wood (gueni, guenou, goni, or Pterocarpus Erinaceus)
TuningDiatonic C major : C, D, E, F, S, A, B
Total length of instrument136 cm
Longest key57 cm
Shortest key30 cm
Weight11 kg


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