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Bobo balafon 16 keys

Bobo balafon 16 keys :

Granted in Pentatonic of F major
Fa, Soil, La, Do Re

All our balafons are cut with guéni Yiri, the wood traditionally used for the manufacture of balafons in West Africa, former Mandingue empire.
The wood of balafon must be already dry for about ten years before being again dried more thoroughly by our ovens.
After passing through the traditional oven, the slides are then placed in solar ovens for several weeks.
This method makes it possible to save fuelwood and, on the other hand, to obtain optimal drying of the slats without risk of damage thereof due to possible overheating.

The calabashes are treated by a soaking process of almost a month, they are then perfectly hollowed out and varnished to highlight their green color.

The result is a high quality balafon with a very specific characteristic to the sound of Bobo balafons.

It comes with our pair of BaraGnouma chopsticks, round head and bamboo handle.

Demo video of similar balafon:

WoodBalafon wood (gueni, guenou, goni, or Pterocarpus Erinaceus)
TuningPentatonic F major : F, G, A, C, D
Lenght of the frame97 cm
Total length of instrument100 cm
Longest key50 cm
Shortest key31 cm
Weight7,2 kg


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