Kamele n'goni ebony model BaraGnouma

12-string Kamele n'goni

Reference: KNGE12_14

"Ebony" model

With integrated amplification system ?


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12 string Kamele n'goni "Ebony model" :

This kamele n'goni, like all those we offer for sale, has been the subject of special attention.

The calabash was chosen for its satisfactory thickness and roundness.
The wood of the neck comes from an already dry gueni wood, like those we use for the manufacture of balafons.
All other wooden elements are ebony.

The tuning pegs oil baths, the nails and the tailpiece are all from quality brands.

Amplification system available for an additional 50 euros: Schatten LP-15 Insider
See "Product Details" for more information.
Supplied with its custom-made cover and a set of emergency strings.

Video of making kamele n'gonis :


Data sheet

Size :
Style :
Model :
Number of strings :
Wood variety :
Skin :
Treated Goat
Weight :
3.0 kg
Total Length :
121 cm
Calabash :
38 cm

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