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BaraGnouma djembe drum

Djembe in linke

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There is a crack in the foot, however it does not reach the end of the shell, so it is not dangerous.
Another is also visible at the level of the body, this one is superficial (not crossing), therefore without risk either.

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Protect to the base of the foot
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The linke wood, or lengue, lenke.
(scientific name : Afzelia Africana)

Most of the great masters "djembe folaw" agree that the Linke is undoubtedly the wood of predilection of the djembe, in fact its density and its hardness make it the most suitable wood to its conception.

Moreover, in Burkina Faso, rainfall is rather limited and there is the densest and hardest wood in this part of Africa.
This djembe has been cut in the heart of a dry wood of several years in order to guarantee a perfectly stable instrument (without deformation or crack).

Its dimensions and finitions make it a djembe of incontestable quality as much to the sound level as aesthetics.

Suitable for professional level playing, it can also be suitable for beginner or intermediate level learners who like to start with the best material.

Supplied with skin protection.
See the datasheet for more informations on the characteristics of this djembe.

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Data sheet

Wood variety :
Skin :
Diameter :
38 cm
Weight :
11.5 kg
Djembe height :
63 cm

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