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Diatonic balafon 22 keys

Black balafon diatonic 22 keys of Guinean style.

The black color of this balafon is the result of a long smoking of the keys in the traditional oven.
Soot tinted blades gradually, the process is particularly long, more than a month. It also requires special attention, it is necessary to move the keys regularly so that the tint is homogeneous.

Supplied with a pair of round balafon wooden stick.

Video of similar balafon :

WoodBalafon wood (gueni, guenou, goni, or Pterocarpus Erinaceus)
TuningDiatonic C major : C, D, E, F, S, A, B
Total length of instrument127 cm
Longest key48.5 cm
Shortest key28 cm
Weight11,7 cm


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