BaraGnouma 37-key chromatic balafon

Chromatic Balafon N°46

Reference: BLC_46


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Chromatic balafon.

From Fa to Fa.

Like all our other balafons, the wood is chosen straight, without knots and has been dried for many years.
The gourds are carefully hollowed out to give the best resonance.
The balafon consists of a 22-key diatonic part and an extension of 15 sharp keys.

Dismantling is very easy since the two frames are only fitted together.
This also provides playing comfort since the two frames are joined together.<

The characteristics are in the "Product Details".
The balafon is supplied with a pair of sticks.

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Style :
Number of keys :
Scale :
Wood variety :
Weight :
18 kg
Total Length :
120 cm

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