Chromatic balafon 37 keys, BaraGnouma

Chromatic balafon 37 keys.

Reference: BLC_41


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Chromatic balafon 37 keys :

Tuning based on A 440Hz from F to F.

Like all our other balafons wood is meticulously chosen, straight, no knot and already dry many years.
The calabashes are scrupulously cleaned inside thanks to a natural process that makes them green.

The instrument consists of a diatonic balafon 22 keys and an extension which includes the "blacks of the piano".
The disassembly is extremely simple, which makes transport easier.
The play comfort is ensured by the system of fixing the two frames.

All specifications are in the "Product Details".
Supplied with a pair of sticks.

Demo video :


Data sheet

Style :
Number of keys :
Scale :
Wood variety :
Weight :
18 kg
Total Length :
120 cm

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