Baras dununs

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Pair of baras dununs :


The pair of Bara dununs consists of Bara den (small Bara) and Bara ba (big Bara).

They have a very particular sound, traditionally used to accompany, among others, the "Bobo" and "Senoufo" (pentatonic) balafons.

Very frequent here in Bobo-Dioulasso, one can hear them resound in the cabarets, place where one drinks the beer of traditional millet, called "Tchapalo", "Chimichama" or "Dolo".

They can also be found in traditional ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms or funerals, but always to accompany the balafons.
Several traditional Burkinabe troops also use them in their repertoire a little more modern, which helps to make them discover as little known in the world of African percussion.

Demo video baras dununs similar :


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Approximate diameter of the calabash "Bara den"
34 cm
Approximate diameter of the calabash "Bara ba"
36 cm

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