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Bobo Balafon BaraGnouma

16-key "Bobo" balafon

Reference: BLB16_18


Tuned in Fa major :
F, G, A, C, D

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16 keys "Bobo" style pentatonic balafon :

The peculiarity of these balafons is the shape of their frame.
Indeed its slightly curved shape makes it possible to stretch a rope between the ends on which the keys rest.

The keys are therefore not in contact with the frame.
They are in a way suspended, which provides cushioning during the game, the attack of the stick on the blades is less straightforward and the sound less dry.

Less bulky than a 20-key balafon, this 16-key balafon is of excellent quality,
it remains an instrument in its own right by offering a range of three octaves.

All specifications can be found in "Product Details".
Comes with its pair of sticks.

Demo video of a similar balafon :


Data sheet

Style :
Number of keys :
Scale :
Pentatonic F major
Wood variety :
Weight :
8.5 kg
Total Length :
106 cm

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